New Digital Demands Drives Photo, VR Companies To Meet Consumer, Marketing Needs

evox images reviewsA car is more than a means to an end. Think of it this way: There are plenty of ways to get from Point A to Point B and consumers who want nothing short of the best will spend plenty of time researching their options. For those who want top-of-the-line automobiles, time spent shopping around is a crucial consideration for manufacturers and marketers. According to a 2016 study by Root & Associates, emerging technology such as virtual reality is quickly becoming a preferred method of checking out new makes and models compared to the traditional in-person car dealership lot visit. What’s more, the research firm in October 2017 divulged a high-tech geo-targeted approach to tracking foot traffic at brick-and-mortar car dealerships in the wake of window shoppers not committing to a purchase in person. These are just two reasons why so many Evox Images reviews show that this company is leading the charge when it comes to modern marketing and giving both customers and car creators what they want in the end — new wheels and increased revenue, respectively.

Evox has been around for more than two decades and perfected the process of photographing and rendering new cars and trucks that will soon hit the market. Those researching Evox Images reviews will often wonder what it is this company does and how they can benefit from those services. For starters, Evox is shooting the entire vehicle with a high-resolution digital still camera. The company then takes it a few steps further and crafts 360-degree exterior spins, interior panoramas alongside videos. The entire photo shoot is done with the same lighting and camera height for every car that the company is commissioned to shoot, so clients get a uniform product every time. Speaking of clients, industries that Evox has partnered with include thousands of dealer websites, all of the current dealer solutions providers on the market, 17 original equipment manufacturers, more than 500 newspapers across the U.S. and eight portal websites. Given that Evox has photographed some 11,000 vehicles since inception and done more than 1,500 virtual reality shoots, it’s clear that this approach is the new way to meeting consumer expectations.

The benefit of working with this company, as Evox Images reviews will show, is that employees will have sales training material in-hand and be able to conduct product planning before a new car or truck hits the showroom floor or online marketplace. When a consumer comes to you with highly-technical questions, the content shot by Evox will help to answer those inquires.

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